The Future of Crypto

Planet AI is a cryptocurrency project that seeks to transform the way artificial intelligence (AI) is used in the General World.


PlanetAi offers unlimited

Ai LaunchPad

A LaunchPad platform that enables users to launch their own AI based project and create their own decentralized applications (dApps).


Ai Staking

PlanetAi staking is a simple Platform to invest and earn interest on PlanetAi assets which uses AI to boost reward based on user stake performance.


Utility Bots

Planet Ai will integrate [AI] into its mobile application to offer several AI based services like text, image and meme generation.


  • Token Contract


Tokenomics & Project Info

Total Supply

100 Million

Buy Tax


Sell Tax


Audit & KYC

  • Presale


  • Liquidity


  • Listing


  • Marketing


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  • Development Program


  • Team


Token Distribution

Our Partners


Phase 1: Project Development

    Team build & Community Building

    SAFU Smart contract with advanced features PlanetAi verified its smart contract to make trading utilities easier as it will support BEP-20 Network.

    Audit To ensure the security and efficiency of our smart contract, we will submit it to the top smart contract audit service in the world “Coinsult”.

Phase 2: Project Launch

    Pinksale FairLunch with Solid Marketing and there will be a lot of adequate pre launch marketing and advertising campaign to generate enough interest and major hype for the project. The launch event will be promoted using top tier channels, including tier1 telegram groups, incubators, AMAs, Twitter influencers, and lively YouTube videos. PlanetAi will work toward being the trend on major platforms like Avedex, Chinese community and Exchanges to increase audience and gain a lot of attentions.

    Listing on the biggest DECENTRALIZED Exchanges Getting PlanetAi listed on the major trading platform {PCswap} to get more trading volume for the coin and make it accessible on as many platforms as possible.

Phase 3: Utilities Launch

    PlanetAi Staking platform - Launched Planet-Staking as a simple Platform to invest and earn interest on PlanetAi assets.

    PlanetAi LaunchPad - We will launch a LaunchPad platform that enables users to launch their own tokens and create their own decentralized applications (dApps). Also provides users with a suite of tools to create, manage, and deploy their tokens and dApps. The platform is designed to make it easy for users to launch their own tokens and manage their token sale, and to provide them with the resources on the blockchain technology.

Phase 4: Partnership Annoucements

    We will expand our user base by partnering with other cryptocurrency Ai projects and by engaging in marketing and promotional activities. This will help to increase the adoption of our LaunchPad and create a larger and more secure investment environment.